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How to Think More Effectively During a Crisis..

During times of uncertainty, fear and anxiety, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the world around us. As we search for security and stability, we might be faced with all the things we can’t control: the decisions our legislators make, the state of our healthcare system, whether

Code for Change - The largest Platform for Techno..

Youth in Social Change is a registered non-profit organization which was established in 2073 BS, believes in harnessing the power of youth to help local communities by helping young people to engage in positive actions and work. We often see problems and feel powerless to fix them, but Youth In S

Be a Great Leader, Not Just a Strong Manager..

In a recent leadership development forum, I had an interesting discussion with the audience about the concept of leaders versus managers, and that we shouldn’t confuse the two. In fact – and my HR team loves me for this! – I’m trying to outlaw the term “manager&rdquo

हामी युवा र सामाज�..

“आजका युवा भोलिका देश हाक्ने व्क्ति” यो कुरा थाहा नभएका हामी मध्य कमै छौ होला अनि यो कुरालाइ समर्थन पनि गर्छौ �